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Play your part in promoting the social sciences. 

Become a part of a motivated team of peers where you can share and develop knowledge.

You will take an active part as a rightful member in all of the activities of the Bulgarian Association of Criminology, Forensics and Psychology. We welcome individuals and professionals from all branches of the Social Sciences.
We have different grades of membership for those who are in the process of acquiring or have qualifications, or have an interest in the Social Sciences but have no applicable qualifications.

Membership Options*

*After meeting so many great people and getting the opportunity to work with them - we decided that we don't want to charge people any membership fees before we start working and collaborating freely. Thus, we decided to find other means like grants to fund the organisation and to keep the BACFP membership free and accessible to anyone. Currently we are changing our policies to reflect that. The above membership option will become free and available in July, 2017. Still, don't let that stop you from contacting us about your future membership by filling in the form below.

Student Membership

  • For students, who are in the process of studying for a Social Science degree on an undergraduate level.
  • Requirements: You would be required to provide a document from your university, stating that you are a student in the specific programme there.

Professional Membership

  • For anyone, who holds applicable qualifications and/or experience in the field of the Social Sciences.
  • Requirements: You would need to provide us with information and documents confirming your qualifications and/or professional achievements.

Associate Membership

  • For anyone who is interested in the Social Sciences, but has no applicable qualifications or students, who are not studying a specific Social Science course.
  • Requirements: You would need to be able to demonstrate invested interest in the Social Sciences.


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