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Want to find out how we plan our project and what we have done until now? You are at the right place.

We all plan and design

We utilize the talents of the people around us. Developing our skills goes beyond the sciences - photography, design, marketing. We all need a hobby, and we all like our projects to become a reality.

Moving forward

Now that we are confident in the effectiveness of our organisation and team, creating big scale project and applying for funding is our top goal.

The scientific method

We research our projects before starting - familiarity with the scientific method is a must in our team. Engaging researchers and academics always helps us stay on track when making the important decisions.

Going beyond success

Often we find people so helpful and engaging that we successfully achieve much more that we set to. Putting yourself out there is usually the hardest part of the job.

Project W



We organised Project W in Wales together with partners from Women's Aid and Somewhereto_. The project was facilitated with the kind advice and research ideas from Dr Alison Mackiewicz and Dr Sarah Wydall. The supermarket giant Morrisons supported the event by delivering food and beverages. The band Rewired Music played live and we had live jugglers, theatrical performances and crazy costumes.

Thus, our event became an interesting place to be and the stigma associated with taking interest in helping domestic violence victims was gone. Social workers were also present in case anyone wanted advice. Our team received donations, although this was not the point of the event. Everything was donated to the local branch of Women's Aid and became the biggest donation they have ever received until then. The news about Project W was later printed on their official newsletter. 

Domestic Violence Photoshoot


We came together to plan and create an illustration of the reality of domestic violence. Our team and volunteers used makeup and fake blood to create realistic looks. We took photographs and video footage. Then, edited the materials, which we later used on one of our events. 

The Book of Bad Arguments



The Bulgarian edition of the Book of Bad Arguments can be found online on the official website of it's author. It took us months to translate it and to include appropriate cultural references that would sound familiar to a Bulgarian reader. We finished the translating and editing the piece in Autumn, 2016.

Crimus - Our Blog


We started the blog in August, 2015 and since we have published 40 articles with a long life that have been read thousand of times and often shared hundreds. Some of our articles are translations (with permission) of popular publications by bloggers like Mike Dash. Our blog is followed by more than 8,000 readers. We have recently moved the blog to a new website with new design, and we are planning on starting it's English version later this year.


We are working with a team of young entrepreneurs in Bulgaria to get these going. Starting date: Summer 2017. Use the message box on the bottom right of your screen and let us know if you want to get involved. 


We are working on officially registering our own platform with Moodle, where we plan on having courses and useful materials for both members and guests. We are always looking for more people keen to develop courses and learning pathways -- use the message box on the bottom right of your screen to let us know if you want to get involved.