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This Development Programme has been facilitated by the Directorate of Learning and Development at the Bulgarian Association of Criminology, Forensics and Psychology.



The Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Division 14 of the American Psychological Association) determines that there are several common tasks that are often given to interns and junior employees.  The most frequent tasks include data analysis (23%), developing training courses (19%) and/or selection assessments (15%), project management (16%), report writing (16%), and job analysis (15%). Surprisingly, some of the most infrequent tasks performed were making and developing presentations and test administration — both tasks are very popular in University coursework or assignments, despite their relatively low positive impact on skills and group work.

We recognize that it is increasingly difficult for young people to find work in today’s job market, due to degree inflation and increase of the number of graduates in the “soft” subjects. However, experience is valued more than ever and we have developed the following plan in an attempt to address and develop the top skills, recognized by employers in any field.

The basics

Initially, everyone would complete a number of the same tasks — this way we can get you started on team work, supervision and all the software we use. Those tasks could be:

  • Writing a post for our blog
  • Translating an article shared under Creative Commons
  • Social media strategy and updates
  • Planing and coordinating an event or meeting


Library research, bench-marking, literature reviews
Data entry
Data analysis
Proposal preparation
Job analysis interviews and observations
Test administration
Direct client contact, such as facilitating SME or focus groups
Report writing
Developing training courses
Developing social research questions
Developing survey content
Developing selection assessments, such as interviews and paper-and-pencil tests
Conducting interviews
Project management
Other types of data collection not listed above


Our staff members are there to support you and guide you trough your projects and tasks. They would make sure to use their network and knowledge to provide you with advice and resources on how to achieve your goals. Still, the point of all exercises is to also give you the opportunity to work independently trough the entire process including the challenges that come with it.


We use different measures to make sure we are tracking you progress properly across 4 standards.

Standard 1 – Knowledge and Understanding

Standard 2 – Working with Others

Standard 3 – Creating and Managing Tasks/Projects

Standard 4 – Professional Work Practices

See the evaluation document