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Name: Project W
Preparations: June, 2014 – November, 2014
Event lenght: 2 days in November 2014
Moto: “Let’s combine art and science to raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence!”
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  • We organised Project W in Wales together with partners from Women’s Aid and Somewhereto_.
  • It took us 5 months to plan, fund and organise the entire project.
  • The project was facilitated with the kind advice and research ideas from Dr Alison Mackiewicz and Dr Sarah Wydall.
  • The supermarket giant Morrisons supported the event by delivering food and beverages.
  • The band Rewired Music played live and we had live jugglers, theatrical performances and crazy costumes.
  • More than 20 people took part as our volunteers during the event.
  • More than 300 hundred people got involved by donating, taking a picture with us, sharing their support online or by talking with us about their story.
  • Our event became an interesting place to be and the stigma associated with taking interest in helping domestic violence victims was gone.
  • Social workers were also present in case anyone wanted advice.
  • Our team received donations, although this was not the point of the event. Everything was donated to the local branch of Women’s Aid and became the biggest donation they have ever received until then.
  • The news about Project W was later printed on Women’s Aid official newsletter.




Documentation is available here for our staff and volunteers to refer to and use in case they need to.

Women’s Aid receipt
Fundraising protocol
Staff on site
Staff schedule
Certificate awarded to participants