The Association has been registered officially since the 11th of February 2014 with a decision of the District Court in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Some relevant documents can be found and downloaded below. If you require our documents in English, please email us at and we will work on obtaining those translations as soon as possible. 



The scientific study of human society and social relationships has always intrigued and inspired people. Many see the Social Sciences as a field dominated by scientists like Freud, but in reality it combines anything from Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology to subjects like Politics, Economics and Criminology. In a practical sense all those topics are interrelated and you cannot discuss one without taking another into consideration.

The Social Sciences have become a popular field of study, especially on an undergraduate level, both in Bulgaria and abroad. The top Bulgarian University - Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski - reports an increase in applicant interest most notably for Psychology, which ranks as a first choice for many candidates.


Surprisingly, Psychology and other Social Sciences also see the largest number of unemployed graduates (at 4.03% and 5,46% respectively). Still, even successfully employed graduates rarely find employment in the specific field or Social Science they have studied (some anonymous graduates have reported that as little as 3% of their fellow students find employment in their field of study).

Furthermore, students in the Social Sciences in Bulgaria have a low international mobility in terms of exchange programmes, conferences and internships. Currently, even minor improvements can be observed only in private universities that allow a greater participation by foreign lecturers and have more emphasis on key modules like statistics and research methods. 


We know how all of this feels, because we have been through it. Our team consists of people from all backgrounds that came together to promote and develop the knowledge and skills of others in the Social Sciences. There is a lot of evidence regarding the notion that graduates from the Social Sciences can provide their employers with a range of skills and innovative solution thanks to their ability to look at things from a different angle.

Still, we have heard a lot of negative comments about our field among the "soft" sciences. And we have been especially discouraged by colleagues and professionals in Bulgaria, who provide little to no help in assisting students or graduates on the look for internship placements or on the job market. We are against the current method of securing those, since it is often based on personal connections rather than merits.


This is why we are here. We have come together to work together and to create opportunities for each other. Of course, also to share the fruits of our work and to create a strong network of like-minded individuals. As Campaign for Social Science defined it: "Graduates in social science subjects offer a wide range of skills that are enormously valuable to employers".

This is why we want all of our colleagues and fellow students to succeed - to get the opportunity to define, develop and use their skills successfully both in their work and home lives. When this is done properly we find "more social science graduates in senior roles than STEM or arts and humanities graduates, at the same point in time".